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People are a company’s greatest asset. They are also an investment that requires mobilizing the right resources and expertise for the future. To drive successful HR transformation, businesses must integrate three key success factors: 

1- Take advantage of the new opportunities provided by digital to accelerate transformations; 

2- Run accurate HR impact assessments and understand how to exploit them;

3- Consider change management, supported by leadership, a priority. So that managers and teams effectively own transformation.

Targeted or periphery, human resources action is vital to achieving success, calling for an agile approach to service. Every step of the way.

We, examines individual and collective human behavior in and around issues of organizational change. The scope of work is cover a broad theoretical basis that assists in understanding how change at the employee, group and strategic levels affects individuals. Both the planned approach and emergent approach to change management will be considered. Job to be covered include: drivers of change; the role of internal and external change agents; tools for successful change management; and the implementation and consequences of specific change initiatives.

What we will do:

• Identify and evaluate theories & models that describe the relationship between individuals and organizational change;

• Synthesize and apply major theories and models to problems involving people and organizational change;

• Develop, or improve, team-work skills.

Interactive scope:

1. Problem solving skills and critical thinking skills will be fostered in the  programs through case study work and critical appraisals of current research;

2. Verbal and written communication skills will be developed via written assignments, the interactive nature of the seminar program and through a group assignment where team-work will be required to deliver a presentation to the organizations that succeeds in communicating a series of points concisely and effectively; and

3. Team-work skills will be developed or improved through the group assignment.

How to:

1. Leveraging digital to accelerate HR transformation and managing the impact of digital on the workforce;

2. Optimizing talent management and associated technologies (including work force planning);

3. Managing the social impact of transformation programs;

4. Positioning people’s skills to achieve successful transformation

Sometime, it is very difficult for staffs to know what to do after getting assignments. They need to know how does the current context of uncertainty, complexity and transformation challenge the way companies and organizations operate? Then they would wonder what are the aims of the New environment of Working?

Our job is show them how best to take action and how can action be strengthened through the transformation of management culture?

We will put the human dynamic at the heart of transformation.

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