Mass Recruitment Service

Mass recruitment service was designed to serve clients who wants to recruit large numbers of staff both for permanent & contract positions. 

We have the tools and capacity to attract and process a significant number of recruits selected from our own internal database of prequalified candidates and responses to targeted on and offline advertising campaigns.

Year 2019 HR Strategy will open this service, this time we are open receive the order from my client for sales staff, customer service staff, call center service staffs 

We provide Project Recruitment Team Leader to manage these projects on an ongoing basis and have dedicated recruitment teams building the talent pipeline to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve. 

The project recruitment team have always been up to the task; on time, knowledgeable and hard working. This combined with a good effective service, flexible terms to suit the clients and a very competitive rate 

More details, please contact us: Mr. Việt Project Recruitment Team Leader 

Phone:   + 84 913 540 339


Skype: Henry Viet Nguyen_Headhunter_HR Strategy

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