IPO Consulting Services

As a private company, you are faced with numerous financing options including: raising additional private capital, deciding to pursue an IPO or pursuing a strategic transaction. Regardless of the path you choose, HR Strategy services can help you as you begin to position your company on IDX and raise your visibility in the capital markets. 

If you decide to go public, our experience has shown that the most successful IPOs start long before the road show kicks off. Our comprehensive IPO Consulting process centers around working with our clients in the year prior to the IPO to develop their corporate message and to introduce them to potential banking partners, sell-side research analysts and institutional investors. Additionally, we work side-by-side with our clients throughout the entire IPO
execution, providing independent capital markets advice.

For further information of the service, please contact Ms.Sen at 083 777 2333 or email: sen.nguyen@hrstrategy.vn


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