Human Capital Consultancy Services

We provide the following HR consulting services: 

• Company restructuring.

• Strategic management and operational control by BSC.

• Diagnosis and evaluation of business operations.

• Build a welfare system according to Milkovich and Newman.

• Design a competency assessment system.

• Build and set up Job Description (JD).

• Develop performance appraisal systems (KPI).

• Construct the required HR forms.

• Build payroll scale.

• Building and setting up training department.

• Build and establish internal communication activities (HR Activities).

• Develop incentive and incentive policies.

Why did you choose us: 

• Experienced, enthusiastic consultants are currently the Director and Head of Human Resources, Head of Policy at large companies and multinational corporations.

• Help you have a professional system that best suits your business.

• Transfers and guides to your company can fully own the professional personnel system.

• HR Strategy together with your unit _ As a consultant company with many years of experience in the market, you will be flexible in the method and package reasonable consulting to each size of your company. 

For more specific information, please contact HR Strategy directly.

Phone 09 3782 3782 


Our Souring & Staffing

We have cooprated partner with strong abilities to adapt your requirements, As an outsource staffing factors, We offer full range of HR service to meet your needs around recruitment, contract administration, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, employee relations, training, performance management and seperation. 

For more specific information, please contact HR Strategy directly:

Phone: 09 3782 3782


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