Competency Based HR Management

The Competency framework will be the basis for all HR function and serves as the “linkage" Between Individual performance and business result.

Building a balanced scorecard

"In Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step, Second Edition, Paul Niven provides an intuitive and incredibly effective blueprint for transitioning strategic ambition to execution

Leadership in Organizations

Leadership in Organizations outlines new agendas for leadership and its development. It offers innovative ideas about what truly constitutes ‘leadership’ and the ways in which it can—and cannot—be developed

Organizational Leadership

If any single idea is central to this book, it is that leadership is a process, not a position.The entire first part of the book explores that idea.

Mind Your Manners

This is a major new edition of the bestselling practical guide for managers in the new Europe.

Leadership Styles

Covers the key areas of leadership styles, from developing a style to suit the situation and organizational type to cross-cultural issues and the new interest in ‘servant leadership’